TSBX profiles Victus Advisors for their "Keep An Eye On Startups" series

June 2012 - Through their Keep An Eye On (KAEO) Startups series, The Sports Business Exchange (TSBX) features young entrepreneurs and the businesses they are creating in the sports industry. In June 2012, KAEO Startups profiled Victus Advisors. Check out their write-up at

Launch of Victus Advisors -- An Independent Consulting Service to the Sports & Entertainment Industry

Dallas, Texas, April 25, 2012 - Victus Advisors, a consultancy providing market research and financial advisory for sports franchises, athletic departments, venues, and events, launched today under the direction of Brian Connolly, formerly a lead consultant with CSL International. “The recent consolidation trend among service providers in the spor [...] Read More »