Victus Advisors Engaged by the Virginia Beach CVB to Analyze the City's Sports Venues & Sports Marketing Opportunities

7/14/2016 9:27:43 AM

JUNE 2016 - Victus Advisors has been engaged by the Virginia Beach CVB's Sports Marketing Unit to conduct an independent analysis of the City’s sports venues and sports marketing opportunities. We are assessing both the local sports community demand in Virginia Beach and the relevant regional/national sports tourism market demand to identify opportunities and recommend strategies for increasing Virginia Beach’s market potential for youth and amateur sports. Our primary project goals for this study include:

  • Engaging local sports community stakeholders and user groups to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the local Virginia Beach sports market
  • Interviewing regional/national sports events to understand the strengths and weaknesses of Virginia Beach as a regional/national sports tourism destination
  • Identifying and recommending potential improvements to Virginia Beach’s sports tourism organization and market positioning
  • Recommending the type and location for a new sports venue in Virginia Beach, and analyzing the financial feasibility and economic impacts of a new venue