Victus Advisors to Analyze the Market/Financial Feasibility & Economic Impacts of a New Downtown Arena in Riverside, California

1/20/2015 12:02:01 PM January 2015 - Victus Advisors is partnering with HKG Sports to provide the City of Riverside, California, with a comprehensive feasibility study for a proposed new downtown event center. Victus Advisors' role in the study includes:

 - Demographic & Socioeconomic Analysis of the Local Market
 - Competitive Market Analysis
 - Comparable Facility Analysis
 - Interviews with Project Stakeholders & Potential Facility Users
 - Event & Attendance Projections
 - Building Program Recommendations (capacity, configuration, amenities, etc.)
 - Operating Projections (Management Recs., Financial Pro Forma, etc.)
 - Economic & Fiscal Impact Projections
 - Analysis of Potential Funding Options

Victus Advisors' analysis and recommendations will be completed in conjunction with several other studies currently being executed by the HKG Sports team, including parking needs analysis, site analysis, and architectural studies, among others. The final results of the study are due in Spring 2015.