Victus Advisors to Conduct a Market Study & Competitive Positioning Analysis for UIC Pavilion

3/4/2014 11:04:35 AM March 2014 - Victus Advisors has been engaged by the University of Illinois at Chicago to conduct a market study and competitive positioning analysis for UIC Pavilion. UIC Pavilion is a 9,500-seat multipurpose arena in downtown Chicago that serves as the home for the UIC Flames basketball program, as well as numerous concerts and entertainment events. The arena originally opened in 1982, and underwent extensive renovation in 2001, however the Chicago arena market is one of the most competitive in the country. Therefore, Victus Advisors has been tasked with analyzing the current and future state of the Chicago arena market, and developing recommendations for operational, strategic or physical improvements that UIC Pavilion could make to improve their competitive standing. Victus Advisors' study will include a historical analysis of UIC Pavilion operations, a competitive facility analysis of other arenas and performance venues operating within the Chicago marketplace, interviews conducted with promoters and event organizers that are active in the Chicago market, and finally, development of a detailed set of recommendations and financial/operational projections for future improvements to UIC Pavilion.