Victus Advisors to Provide City of Fort Wayne with a Youth Sports Market/Facility Study

7/10/2013 3:41:37 PM July 2013 - Victus Advisors has been engaged by the City of Fort Wayne, Indiana, in conjunction with Aquarius Sports & Entertainment, to provide the City with a Youth Sports Community Assessment & Market Potential Study. The goal of the study is to identify youth sports growth opportunities for Fort Wayne, recommend future sports facility needs, and suggest ways to expand sports marketing efforts regionally and nationally.

Victus Advisors' specific role in the study will include:

- Conduct focus groups and public meetings with key leaders of Fort Wayne area businesses and membership organizations

- Design and implement online surveys with members of local organizations that participate in youth sports

- Conduct a market analysis of the Fort Wayne area and compare to comparable cities with successful youth sports initiatives

- Compile an inventory of local sports venues and youth sports events

- Identify market opportunities and associated venue improvements that may be necessary to attract new events

- Analyze financial factors and economic impacts that may be associated with potential venue improvements and new events

In conjunction with Victus Advisors' market research and financial analysis, Aquarius Sports & Entertainment will assess the City of Fort Wayne's youth sports marketing initiatives and recommend potential improvements based upon best practices of comparable cities. Victus Advisors and Aquarius are expected to present their study results and final recommendations to the City in October 2013.